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My goal in life is to leave a world to the next generation of peace and love for everyone. My passion for all cultures, sounds and colors of the world together we are beautiful.


Enter into my world, from where I started and the obstacles I over came to reach my dreams and goals. As long as we have health anything is possible.

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My love and passion for creating a vision and making it real whether you are in need to brand your business or your self.

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Who is Hlektra?

Who am I? Well, I am a mouthy Greek-American born in YES... Utah, United States. I did the American thing until I turned 19 years old and then the door opened for me to venture to Chios, Greece. In that time I married the father of my two amazing children. I was a freelance artist painting anything and everything it was like always holding a paint brush and skipping around highlighting the beauty in the hills, oceans and skies of Greece. 

While living in Greece we had a 38 m2 home, that is 409 sq. ft. I am not joking 2 adults and 2 kiddos living in that space. Guess what I learned really quickly? How to utilize every inch of space as possible from the floor to the ceiling and the importance of organizing, and that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. So when the contractors I was working with on that house with every one of my requests said "That cannot be done" ooo... I would be furious and that is when the door opened and I became a DIY er because the one thing you do not tell me is that it cannot be done.

In the mid-2000's I returned to the USA one door closing and another opening with my two kiddos as a single mother. Oh did that suck in the beginning, but  I was so lucky to get a job in administrative & management work which took me down a path of more organizing, presentation, customer service and intro to my passion MARKETING!

In this time I met my partner in life Mr. Cristian (Dracu) and guess what we are no different than anyone else. We have our stories worth telling the world and our issues behind the scenes, struggles, misunderstandings  like any other couple. In the end the love is still there and strong. 

This time was also a time of hiding behind a door and personal growth, raising two kids and dealing with medical issues. Well... just figuring SHIT out! This is where DIY came in handy for those moments you want to scream but you have to be an adult, let me mention how beautiful you can make your house look when you are angry. A positive way to deal with those negative emotions.

After visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2013 Mr. Dracu's home town, something inside me changed, but I couldn't put my finger on it. The following year I visited Greece and that was when it was clear to me I wanted to eventually move back to Europe. 



In 2016 after my eldest graduated High School and it was time to take the first-step to approaching that pretty door I keep looking at. (Remember sometimes we have to take a step back or slow down but that doesn't mean your dreams are lost forever. You can always work towards your dreams!) I started Cosmetology school and became a Hair designer and in 2018 I quit my other job and opened up my own salon "Rio's Creations". Now you might be thinking, "Wow dreams do come true" Let me tell you it's gets worse before it gets better. Slow start just like any new business (I was growing but not as fast as I would have wanted) then I started to wonder if I had made the right decision to start a business out of my home right after school before gathering a few more clients at a big salon first, and then our friend COVID showed it's face to the world. That was it, I felt I was doomed! Instead of letting that emotion take over, I took advantage of the situation and made the best out of it. Like I said before "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" Lockdown was re-branding time for me and the best thing that happened for Rio's Creations. 

The business began growing rapidly, but I also was getting noticed in other professions and was asked to teach social media presence to business owners and take over accounts and do their Ads. Which marketing has always  been a passion of mine, and I cannot express my excitement when that door opened. THEN I got noticed for my decorating skills as well. WOW!!! My world began to change and doors opening left and right. That is when I partnered up with DJ Joune in Salt Lake City for his Afro Paradigm events. Then the dream that started all of this, in early fall 2021 Mr. Dracu and I finally made the trip to Spain that we had waited almost 5 years to take. Can I say that was the second time in my life I fell in love at first sight (first time with Mr. Dracu). So here we are 8 months after that trip, once again leaving for Spain in a week to sign on the purchase of our new home in Malaga. Opening that pretty door and starting the new chapter of our lives.



Picture on top by @onecastlepro and picture the left by @versatileimage

You will be following our adventures, experiences of our move and lifestyle changing from fast pace to calm. The joys, the tears of our multi-cultural home, our own unique approach to life and our new adventures.

Welcome to Hlektra Runno, please keep in mind that opinions are welcomed but keep your comments respectful and mindful of others feelings and experiences. Remember we all have our unique point of view (POV) of each experience.

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