What Services does Rio's Creations provide in VIDEOgraphy? 

Rio's Creations platform is to create content so that you can ecommerce your business and marketing with professional photos and videos. You can either come in (Salt Lake City, Utah area) with your product, ship it or we can set up a virtual photoshoot. You can shop for pictures  and video clips to create a professional ad to better your return in sales.

Film Reels


You can order a photo, video or GIF. Add it to your website, social media platforms and any inhouse virtual advertisement. This is a great way to let people know of what you are selling and deals you have going on. 

"In this day and age the best word of mouth is in any virtual advertising.


Film Slate Marker


You can either create or choose from our pre-produced video clips. Video clips can be from 6 seconds to 59 seconds. Starting price includes a single angle and action. Let's make you a motion picture!


Want to create a repeat short clip? This is the best option for items on sale and deals going on.


Want to submit your footage and we edit, NO PROBLEM! Keeping your videos strictly original to your business. We can create your footage into an amazing video.


What to create a whole production based on your business?

Including filming, a pro-edit video, music, your logo and text

add ons

Add music

Let us know the emotion you want to portray and we will add the song to your video.

add gfx

Want to show off your business, add your logo. Send a .vic of your logo and we will include it.

add text

Add how your product works, a shout out, title or name. You say and we will add it.

crop video

Need your video to fit in Youtube, Instagram Stories or Facebook? we can crop your video to fit your needs.


Full Body Model

Show off your items with a full body model. We will send you a list of available models of diverse backgrounds.
This includes up to 15 photos.

Hand Model

Need a hand model? We got you covered. Let us know what type you are looking for and we will take care of the rest. The model will have clean and bare nails.
This includes up to 15 photos.

Pet Model

Stay. sit. now roll over! If you are in need of a furry friend to add to your shoot, we can send over a list of dog and cat models. Keep in mind all actions needed will have to be discussed with the pet parent prior to photo shoot. This includes up to 15 photos.



We can provide a mannequin to wear any apparel you are advertising.
This includes up to 15 pictures.

Styling / Props

We offer standard props flowers and some blocks. If you need something else we can pick that up for your photo shoot. That will include going to one store  and getting up to 20 items.


Hair & Make-up

If you or your model needs hair and makeup done prior to photo shoot. Rio's Creations has a in house salon. We can assure you or your model with look amazing and ready for the big screen.